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        Hello and welcome! 

I invite you to Experience the Japanese art of healing with                       Jikiden Reiki


Reiki is spiritual energy of the universe.  Based in  Shinto teachings, this energy comes from the nature and all living things are dependent on it.   We all have the ability to receive this life force energy to aid and assist us as we make our way thru life. 

 Jikiden translated means "as was directly taught and practiced by original teacher".

 It was Mikao Usui Sensei who discovered this miraculous energy by accident over 100 years ago while seeking enlightenment.

Realizing the importance of his discovery, Usui developed hands on techniques to channel this energy into the body  activating its own natural healing process to help restore to a more physical and emotional well-being and shared it with the world.  

Come experience  Reiki for yourself in its original simplicity without new age or western influence.

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