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About me


Yep!  That was me as a baby- in 1956.  My first year of life was spent in Japan.   Little did I know how that moment would weave back into my life some 60 years later!  Since then, in

 between figuring out life, raising a family and all my life choices, I've  had a 30 year career as a Labor and Delivery nurse.  I've learned a lot  about the human condition and value very much that knowledge.   We all have a story as unique as we are as individuals.  My story led me to learning Jikiden Reiki after receiving for myself its healing effects.  

  I have observed first hand the effects it has on people, my patients.  Quite remarkable really.  Some beyond belief.  But on a constant level, Reiki can ease pain, reduce stress and help with anxiety/fear in any situation.  While Reiki is not meant as a replacement for conventional medicine it is a powerful complementary addition to assist the body and mind with what it needs in the moment.  There truly is a difference in the support one can give to another after learning this powerful healing method.  

It is a perfect holistic addition to those in the medical professional as well as those looking for easy nonconventional treatment methods.


This year I completed the requirements to become Shihankaku (assistant teacher)  traveling to Japan to take the training with Tadao Yamaguchi at the JIKIDEN REIKI INSTITUTE so that I may now not only offer treatments, but also teach others this powerful method of healing  available to all living souls.


The Benefits of Jikiden Reiki

Humans  are indeed extraordinary beings!  Strong AND fragile, connected body, mind and heart.   From the moment we draw that first breath we are all subject to outside influences that interrupt our bodies natural flow causing us become ill or out of balance.  While the body has the ability to naturally heal itself, sometimes it's all too much.  We start to suffer feeling pain or anxiety.   Left unchecked our body/mind weaken and more serious conditions can affect us in a negative way.   Jikiden Reiki is non-invasive, hands ON method of treatment that can help restore the balance of the body and mind.

  •  Relieves Pain & Discomfort.   

  •  Eases Muscle Tension.    

  •  Promotes faster rate of recovery from Injury, Surgery or Illness.  

  • Effective relief for those suffering Stress, Anxiety or Chronic disease.

  •  Beneficial for Back and Neck issues.

  •  Able to help break negative habits, addictions or mental blocks.

  •  Supports the whole body going through Cancer Treatments.   

  •  Extraordinary effects  and support for those facing End stage of Life.

  • Remarkable results following a Stroke or Head Trauma.


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