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Safe and effective, Jikiden Reiki sessions induce a state of deep relaxation in mind and body. Offered in a private room with complete confidentiality, a little information is first gathered about the client-their needs and condition, possible goals. The sessions take place with shoes off only with the client sitting or lying down quietly on a table. The focus begins first with hands placed gently on the head and the energy just flows. The focus then move to areas were there is pain or symptoms first discussed with client. The session ends with a traditional Japanese technique called Kekko that stimulates your blood and lymphatic circulation to eliminate toxins quickly from the body which were released with the session.


Time will also allow for any thoughts or question that may have come up during the session.

Follow up session packages offered at a discounted rate.

Sliding scale for Reiki as support treatment for serious illness needing 2-5 sessions7week. (example-Chemo/radiation treatments))

Private in home sessions available for additional $45.00
Setup and travel fee by referral only.

Leave a message for any questions.

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